The Race Track, c. 1891Young Woman with Peonies, 1870The Cotters Saturday Night, c. 1815The Letter, 1890-1891The Public in the Salon of the Louvre, Viewing the Painting of the Large Fish Bowl, mid 19th centuryLa Pensée, 1877/1891 marbleOak Tree, mid 1840s salted paper print from a paper negativeRipening Pears, c. 1884/1885 oil on canvas



Major Donors

Anonymous Donor, United States

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Christie’s Education

Concord Fine Arts, Inc. New York (Neal Fiertag)

Dahesh Museum of Art

Fine Art Dealers Association

Francis V. Gorman Art Library Endowment, University of Minnesota Library

Hans Lüthy †

Dr. Sura Levine, Northampton, Massachusetts

Howard L. Rehs, Rehs Galleries, Inc. New York

Schiller and Bodo European Paintings, New York

Michael Schwartz, Galerie Michael, Beverly Hills, California

Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Seton Hall University

University of the South

Gabriel and Yvonne Weisberg

Amira Zahid

Mervat Zahid Cultural Foundation in honor of the Dahesh Museum of Art




Petra ten-Doesschate Chu

Thérèse Ann Dolan

Christopher Forbes

Kristi Holden

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Elizabeth Mansfield

Edward J. Olszewski

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Peter Trippi

Jan Van Nimmen

Yvonne and Gabriel Weisberg

Gabriel Weisberg



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Aimée Brown Price

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Yvonne Weisberg

Fronia E. Wissman 

† Deceased